Hi, I’m Kari, the creator of Base Recipes. Thanks for stopping by!

When my family had to cut dairy, I was dumbfounded by all of the difficult recipes that were at the top of every search. Learning to read labels was hard enough, but replacing cheese with fake cheeses that still tasted like chalk was disheartening.

I just wanted simple recipes to get us started. I found that converting our usual recipes to something non-dairy required mashing three recipes together and trying them until I got it right. A few years later, I’m sharing them in hopes of making your transition easier, too.

Hi, I’m Mo! Not to be confused with my friend, Moh. I created Mo’s Recipe Scale to rate recipes based on their ingredients, preparation, and the skills required to cook them.

Along with ranking recipes as beginner, average, or expert, I also highlight the important points of the recipe before sending you off to the recipe card.