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Start Here – More Information About Removing Dairy From Your Diet


Food you can eat while you figure it out. 

Hi there! I’m Kari, the creator of Base Recipes. My aim is to make cooking more accessible to anyone who is faced with removing dairy from their diet. I simplify recipes to the fewest ingredients and easiest processes so those with allergies can build them from the base up. All recipes are dairy free.

When we started our dairy free journey, I couldn’t find dairy free recipes that were actually simple, so I started deconstructing multiple recipes and putting them together into something we would eat. With Base Recipes, I do the deconstructing for you, so you can either have a simple and accessible recipe or create something you and your family can and will eat.

In their simplest form, the recipes may not be much, but after each recipe is a reference of ingredients commonly added to that specific recipe. Build it up with familiar ingredients, what you have on hand, or try a different version each time. 

When adding ingredients to the base recipe, consider the volume of food you’re adding. For example, adding a small amount of seasoning to the base recipe may impact the taste, but won’t change the volume of the recipe. 

Adding an ingredient such as potatoes, bell peppers, or both, for example, will affect the volume of food, and may require more seasoning. Look at the big picture of the recipe as you add to it to help create a recipe that is most attuned to your tastes.

Learning to cook with allergies is an incredibly difficult task. My hope is that Base Recipes will help alleviate some of the work that it takes to build a new recipe box of allergen-free recipes. 

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